Those with Dementia Can Improve

Hope Through Exercise for Those Living with Dementia or Alzheimer’s Once Dementia or Alzheimer’s is diagnosed, we know at Tandem Strength & Balance that families seek someone or something to…

February 1, 2021
“One Last Adventure” Four Times!

Cathy, a married woman with two young children, suffered an aneurysm in her early 30s. After experiencing about a 75% recovery, she was able to take care of herself, walk...

July 8, 2019
Searching for Solutions!

Sarah, a woman in her mid-sixties, was hospitalized following a wound to her buttock. In less than two (2) months, she lost her ability to walk and was confined to...

March 25, 2019
Unable to Walk to Traveling to Arizona!

Arthur, a 91-year-old man, lived with his wife in an apartment. They were the strength and focal point of the family. They did everything together including shopping, going to restaurants,...

March 19, 2019
Music in Her Heart

Gwen had shingles and had been diagnosed with Parkinson's at 89 when she began working with Tandem Strength & Balance. Struggling through their thought processes, half of the family were...

October 30, 2018
Living with Parkinson’s at 90

I met Ervin at age 85; he was living with his wife and dog. Ervin had Parkinson's along with severe arthritis. We were recommended by his home care company because...

September 24, 2018
Dr. Ben/”I Can’t”

Dr. Ben Once a very active man, playing racquetball, golf, regularly attending sporting events and an avid gardener, Dr. Ben found himself at the age of 87 being told by...

June 10, 2018

The aging process leads all of us down a slippery slope. Loss of physical strength is a prominent factor in our lack of recognition of our former selves. Our client,...

June 1, 2018