Our philosophy is that any person is capable of increasing and maintaining leg strength regardless of age or diagnosis. “Functional leg strength” equates to strengthening specific muscles that will allow older adults to be independent and safe with transfers and walking.Specifically, it will help with picking up one’s feet when walking to prevent possible falls, the ability to raise from a seated position, climb steps, and lifting legs in and out of the shower or car. This type of strength maintains an independent, engaged and active lifestyle.


Tandem Strength & Balance® gives hope to those who are living with congestive heart failure, dementia, Alzheimer's, diabetes, Parkinson's, stroke and many other debilitating diseases.

Case Studies:

Must “aging” lead to walker or wheelchair use?

It would better serve individuals if walkers were used in the same temporary fashion as crutches. Using a walker when feeling unstable is smart, but with long-term usage strength is lost and the downhill, “muscle weakness” slide begins.

The best scenario is when a walker is prescribed, functional leg-strength training should also begin. The outcome of regaining and maintaining adequate leg strength allows individuals to improve their balance, removes fear of falling and increases confidence and independence; soon the walker is no longer needed.

Research Says


80% of health problems once associated with aging are now thought to be preventable or postponable if the person stays fit.


Leg weakness limits mobility more than any other diagnosis. In fact, leg strength can overcome many “typical symptoms” associated with a diagnosis. For example, a person living with Parkinson’s who has strong legs, can more easily pick up their feet and not shuffle.

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