General Health
Understanding General Weakness In The Elderly

There is a stereotype that as we age we become weak. That our ability to stay active declines and we must take a back seat to what we used to…

April 19, 2024
General Health
Understanding Medicare Physical Therapy and Its Guidelines

By Kelly K Veit When You Need More Physical Therapy But Don’t Know Where To Turn Millions of elderly Americans rely on Medicare as their insurance provider to cover their…

March 8, 2021
General Health
Poor Oral Health Can Increase Risk of Aspiration Pneumonia

Aspiration pneumonia is a type of pneumonia that can be caused by the accidental infiltration of bacteria from the mouth into the lungs. The aspiration alone DOES NOT cause pneumonia….

December 14, 2020
General Health
Hope For Those Living With Depression

One in 10 adults in the United States struggles with depression. Depression is often the cause of appetite changes, reduced energy, disturbed sleep, body aches and increased pain perception, all…

June 5, 2020
General Health
3 Reasons for Older Adults to Exercise With the Same Physical Therapist

Consistency builds a relationship and trust between them. This is one of the points that is emphasized when meeting families for the first time. This is especially needed when the…

September 25, 2019
General Health
Practicing What You Preach!

Being a Physical Therapist is a very physical/active job; therefore, it is important to keep up one’s own strength. You never know when a client may need a heavy lift…

September 18, 2019
General Health
Ombudsman Is an Unknown Resource for You and Your Family

The world of senior services is very confusing and overwhelming especially if you are not in the field. The frustration can be exacerbated if there is a disagreement/confusion regarding family’s…

September 5, 2019
General Health

The short answer is NO! Unfortunately, social norms have led many people to believe this: When young, it’s easy to exercise When middle aged, it’s important to exercise When older,…

July 23, 2019
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What are the Benefits of Cardiovascular Exercise for Older Adults?

Cardiovascular exercise strengthens the heart and lungs through continuous movement. It also increases energy, sharpens the mind, helps manage weight and can reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression. Examples: Biking ...

July 16, 2019
General Health
Dehydration in Older Adults: Symptoms, Misconceptions and Consequences

THIRST MEANS YOU’RE DEHYDRATED! The sensation of thirst starts to dull and become less noticeable as we age. Dehydration triggers the body’s thirst response. When you feel thirsty, dehydration is...

June 2, 2019
General Health
Do you KNOW what your PARENTS’ WISHES are? (POLST)

Many children, no matter the age, do not know what their parents’ wishes are when confronted with “end of life” issues. Tandem Strength & Balance therapists and other colleagues with...

February 20, 2019
General Health
Effective Communication with a Doctor

Sudden Change in Function A medical event occurred with a client I had been working with for over a year. Even though she is medically complex and had surgery the...

November 7, 2018
General Health
I’m not as strong as I was before I went into the hospital/nursing home

That is a common statement that I hear from older adults even following Medicare therapies. Spending long periods of time in bed leads to muscle weakness. Research shows that one...

June 10, 2018