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By Nicole R March 25 August 2nd, 2019 No Comments

Sarah, a woman in her mid-sixties, was hospitalized following a wound to her buttock. In less than two (2) months, she lost her ability to walk and was confined to a hospital bed. She required 24-hour home care and was only able to get out of bed with the use of a Hoyer Lift. Regrettably, Sarah could not progress at the pace that Medicare allows; consequently, she exhausted her Medicare Physical Therapy benefits. She had lost a significant amount of leg and trunk strength due to her hospitalization and being confined to bed but wanted and needed to walk again. This led her to connect with TANDEM STRENGTH & BALANCE and begin strengthening exercises.

Sarah had worked with a personal trainer in the past and possessed a strong work ethic. Even though her size made moving more complicated, she worked very hard. She was determined to regain her ability to walk and did not let anyone stand in her way. At TANDEM STRENGTH & BALANCE, a plan was devised to work strictly on full body strengthening laying down and sitting on the edge of the bed two (2) times per week for one month. The goal being to build enough leg strength to allow Sarah to stand again.

In a short two-week period, Sarah was making strength gains that allowed her to get in and out of bed more easily AND, more importantly, she had HOPE again. Future updates on her progress will be posted monthly by TANDEM STRENGTH & BALANCE!

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