Equipment tips & facts
Walkers Are Best as a Temporary Device!

When a person breaks their leg, they use crutches until the injury is healed and then they go back to walking without any support. However, when someone is given a...

April 1, 2019
Equipment tips & facts
One Size Does(Not) Fit All!

One of the first things therapists are taught in physical therapy school is how to measure a walker. I often find that when meeting a new client, adjustments need to...

September 28, 2018
Equipment tips & facts
Is your chair height working against you?

Correcting the height of a chair is an easy way to improve independence and decrease need for help. A chair that is too low requires more leg strength, which can...

July 8, 2018
Equipment tips & facts
Does Your Shower Chair Have a Back?

I personally need a shower to start my day. It is one thing that I rely on to get me going. My shower is like coffee to others. Therefore, I...

June 3, 2018