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Leg strength is fundamental to living an independent lifestyle. Tandem Strength & Balance® provides in-home exercises for seniors that are customized to meet their unique needs. Our proprietary, strength training programs enable independence which increases dignity, self-confidence and overall quality of life.

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“As we age, one of our greatest fears is that we will have to leave our home! We hear our children discussing it and yes, those stairs are harder than they use to be but we really can’t imagine life anywhere else.”

Functional Leg Strength is the solution to this emotional dilemma that aging adults face on a daily basis. Functional leg strength refers to maintaining adequate leg strength that allows an aging individual to walk, move about safely and live independently. It means being able to do things that we take for granted when younger such as, getting up from a chair or sofa, climbing stairs, getting in and out of the car, carrying groceries, maintaining our balance, etc. Adequate functional strength allows an aging senior to continue living an active, independent and safe lifestyle.

Seniors can remain independent with effective strength training programs. We all realize the benefits of exercise while young and entering into middle-age years but for some reason, we often think getting older affords us a pass on exercise, when in reality it becomes even more important. Doctors emphasize the importance of exercise to their patients but often the advice isn’t heeded until a fall has taken place or if experiencing health conditions, such as diabetes, cardiovascular and respiratory challenges that require physical therapy.

If your desire is to live independently and to continue to enjoy an active lifestyle, effective strength training truly is mandatory. But it does require more than simply walking, biking and even golfing. Tandem Strength & Balance physical therapists have been helping individuals for over 20+ years to regain and maintain adequate leg strength to ensure their ability to live safely in their homes and keep living costs down by customizing effective exercise programs that make a positive and sustainable difference. Call today to learn more about private pay, in-home physical therapy programs offered by Tandem Strength & Balance!

Tandem Strength & Balance serves the entire Twin Cities metro, including Anoka, Carver, Dakota, Hennepin, Ramsey, Scott, and Washington counties.


We build functional leg strength and our clients live happy lives

Julie B

Besides helping my mom to maintain strength, Nicole has been instrumental in catching medical changes in both mom and dad. She made sure the medical staff had the right information and that we asked the right questions. We highly recommend TSB.

Steve H

TSB is a service second to none and provides: outstanding quality and talented physical therapists, the highest level of interest and concern for the patient, encouragement to increase strength and mobility, ongoing patient communication and RESULTS.

Traci L

Mom has received therapy 2-3x/week for 2 years. Her therapists know her and understand what motivates her. Little “wins” are celebrated and TSB even handled our FL trip details. So impressed with their professionalism and dedication.

Shannon W

Tandem works on the client’s thinking. Many folks have self-talk that has them doubt their abilities…the therapist guides the client into more honest and realistic self-talk that allows them to accomplish much more than they ever thought they could.

Kenzie P

My mom has been helped in so many ways by her Tandem Strength & Balance physical therapist. She is truly so much more than just a physical therapist; she is a friend, a psychologist and empathetic listener. Life is so much better with TSB.

John G

Tandem Strength & Balance is geared to continually encourage and challenge their client to reach new strength goals and keeping the individual’s quality of life and mobility the best it can be…for as long as it can be.

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