NICOLE – PT / Founder / Owner

Nicole’s interest in physical therapy emerged at a very young age. Her grandmother became paralyzed from the neck down under tragic circumstances. When improvements in her grandmother’s condition halted, Nicole utilized a balance between tough love and encouragement to engage her grandmother to participate in her physical therapy. The plan worked and her grandmother began to improve!

After 6 years in hospitals and nursing homes serving as a physical therapist, Nicole became frustrated with the system. “Medicare physical therapy constraints stifled my passion and diminished the goals and expectations for my patients. Medicare physical therapy is an invaluable service, but it has limitations. I wanted to achieve a sustainable difference in someone’s life; thus, Tandem Strength & Balance® was created!”

Nicole was driven by the scientific relationship of leg strength and mobility. Many people can’t improve in the designated time allotted for by insurance companies. That does not mean that they can’t get better.

It takes time to build leg strength and to make functional/balance changes. Most older adults can’t or don’t challenge themselves sufficiently. That is why the physical therapist is there–to explain, challenge, assist and support them in achieving how they want to live their lives.

“Tandem Strength & Balance® allows me the opportunity to be the physical therapist I have always dreamed of being. The unexpected reward is that I develop close relationships with clients and their families. I not only help people to age gracefully; I’m a part of their lives.”

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