Fall Prevention
How Aging Changes the Way We Maintain Balance

There are four (4) methods that are used to keep one’s balance: ankles, knees, hips and steppage. Before getting into the methods of balance you must first understand THE CONE…

October 1, 2019
Fall Prevention
Vision and Balance

While feeding himself one day, a client needed assistance with getting the food off his plate. I started to help him and I saw that his glasses needed cleaning. As...

October 23, 2018
Fall Prevention
Low Blood Pressure Can Cause Falls

Transitional movements, such as standing quickly or going from lying down to sitting up, can cause light-headedness due to a drop in your blood pressure (postural hypotension). Solution: Have a...

June 26, 2018
Fall Prevention
Fear of Falling Increases Risk of Falls

The actual fear of falling increases the risk of falling Research shows that if an older adult is fearful of falling they are three times more likely to fall than...

June 12, 2018