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One Size Does(Not) Fit All!

By Nicole R September 28 July 23rd, 2019 No Comments

One of the first things therapists are taught in physical therapy school is how to measure a walker. I often find that when meeting a new client, adjustments need to be made. I‘ve been known to approach people in grocery stores to adjust their walkers correctly if they are struggling.

Reasons that walkers are recommended

The most common reason a person uses a walker is because they no longer have the ability to balance/support themselves just utilizing their legs. Therefore, they use their arms as the balancing aspect and lean on the walker. To maximize the use of the arms the person elbows should be bent at about 10 to 15 degrees. Or more specifically the bone that is on the outside of the wrist should line up with the top of the walker handle when the person is standing upright.

Most commonly the walker is set TOO high

Many people believe that if they bring up the walker height it will help the person stand up taller. Unfortunately it is just the opposite. If the walker is too tall people tend to push it away from them so they can straighten their elbows to support themselves.

One size does not fit all

Please note that there are various sizes and types of walkers. Please consult a physical therapist if you have any questions.

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