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Walkers Are Best as a Temporary Device!

By Nicole R April 01 September 9th, 2019 No Comments

When a person breaks their leg, they use crutches until the injury is healed and then they go back to walking without any support. However, when someone is given a walker it tends to be deemed the solution/final answer. I believe it would serve individuals much better if walkers were used in the same temporary fashion as crutches. Using a walker when feeling unstable is smart but with long-term usage, strength is lost and the down-hill ,“muscle weakness” slide begins.

A better scenario is when a walker is prescribed, functional leg-strength training should also begin. The outcome of re-gaining and maintaining adequate leg strength allows individuals to improve their balance, remove fear of falling and increase confidence and independence; soon the walker is no longer needed.

80% of older adults can stop using a walker if leg strength is improved. Unfortunately, older adults are not told they can get stronger with functional leg-strength training.

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