Individuals living with dementia often require more time to recover from injuries than the typical Medicare model allows. Tandem Strength & Balance® adapts well to these individuals because we customize each program to suit the specific needs of each person. Millie, an 87-year-old woman living with dementia, is a great example of this. Millie lived with her son until she sustained a fall, which negated her ability to walk. She was placed in a nursing home where the therapy staff deemed her wheelchair bound indefinitely after only a week of therapy. Millie’s family sought our help as a result.

We focused on increasing Millie’s strength and balance enough so that she could walk without the guidance of a walker. It is imperative to eliminate a walking implement for those with dementia due to issues with memory. Within four months, Millie was walking independently, and was able to live in an assisted living facility. Her daughter, Margaret, was elated at the progress, stating, “Tandem Strength & Balance® enormously improved the quality of my mother’s life.”

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