An extremely active 94-year-old gentleman, who unfortunately was knocked over by a wind gust on the golf course and broke his left hip and shoulder. This required him to use a rolling walker and limited his community outings. Gene received Medicare-covered physical therapy following a hip replacement, but he wanted to improve to the point where a walker was no longer required. Gene is an extremely independent man and refused any in-home care. He was determined to get his independence back and was not willing to listen to anything his doctors were telling him. He insisted on finding a person or service that would help him regain his independence.

When Medicare was terminated Gene was living independently in a town home and was walking with a rolling walker. He was fearful of stairs and also had stopped driving because of the difficulty of getting in and out of the car. After starting with Tandem Strength & Balance®, Gene’s strength & balance increased so a walker was no longer required, and Gene now walks without any assistive device. Gene has started to drive again to the many community activities that he enjoys and has also returned to playing golf. Gene is enjoying his so desired return to independence.

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