Loss of strength brought on by aging can cause more severe physical deterioration in older adults. Greta, an 82-year-old woman, living in her own home, had several orthopedic conditions including arthritis, spinal stenosis, osteopenia and severe scoliosis, not to mention a replaced hip and a ¾” leg-length difference. Greta was experiencing increased fatigue in her limbs, an inability to traverse long distances and was fearful of falling. She began our strength and balance training program and progressively began lifting larger increments of weight with both her arms, and legs.

Despite another hip replacement due to degenerative arthritis, Greta is four years into her Tandem Strength & Balance® program and continues to see improvements. Greta remains living in her own home, driving her car, participating in social events and has increased her energy levels enough to supplement our program with 3 days/week of cardio training. Greta’s diligence has afforded her the maintenance of strength, confidence in her ability to remain independent at home and reduced her fear of falling. All of which are critical factors to living a rewarding life.

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