We Offer Hope Through Exercise for Those Living With Diabetes

After living with diabetes for years, many of the symptoms are exacerbated due to aging. While you can’t stop the clock, there’s a lot you can do to lower the odds of future issues. Diabetes-related complications include developing cardiovascular disease, hypoglycemia and fractures. “Getting Strong” and “Staying Strong” goes a long way toward living a longer, healthier life. We, at Tandem Strength & Balance have more than two decades of experience helping individuals with diabetes to maintain adequate strength, through in-home exercise, to ward off health complications.

Your loved one, when first diagnosed with diabetes, might have been directed to Medicare Physical Therapy to build strength or perhaps she or he was simply younger, stronger, more active and feeling better than today. Whatever was relevant then, the fact remains, effective strength training is truly life-changing, regardless of age or diagnoses. It helps ward off muscle weakness, mobility issues and other health problems that result from inactivity.

Heart problems, neuropathy, poor circulation and additional symptoms of diabetes are particularly responsive to strength-building exercise. Those with these conditions can improve considerably with effective training, reducing leg pain while increasing walking distances, balance, mobility, and overall self-reliance.

Well-intentioned medical professionals often don’t address the power of exercise to aging diabetic patients. Many families are told once neuropathy is diagnosed that the aging loved one should use a walker or wheelchair to prevent falls. The truth is when inactivity increases, the severity of diabetic symptoms increases and the “downward spiral” of quality of life also increases. Don’t let this happen when a viable option exists.

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In-Home Physical Therapy for Patients With Diabetes

The private pay, in-home strength-training programs offered by Tandem Strength & Balance can help your loved one living with diabetes experience a better quality of life. To schedule your consultation or to have your questions answered, contact our Minneapolis/St. Paul diabetes physical therapy service online, by phone or in person. Understand that diabetic patients can improve and can truly enjoy life through effective strength-training exercise.


Everyone starts to lose strength within 3-5 days after strength training has stopped. So many older adults can not afford to lose any strength because they are just getting by.


As physical therapists, we continue to challenge all of our clients in a way that caregivers and families can’t. We address the root cause of their mobility issues and help older adults build strength so they can enjoy their independence and keep living costs lower.

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