Following a stroke that affected the left side of her body, Agnes found herself unable to walk, and required a mechanical lift to be moved. She and her family were informed by the nursing home that she would not recover from the episode. News such as this stifles hope and creates unnecessary devastation. We believe recovery is always a possibility. Six months into Agnes’s exercise program, she no longer required the mechanical lift, and was walking short distances with assistance and a walker. In addition, Agnes began feeling energetic, which aided her interest in reconnecting with the people around her. Furthermore, Agnes found herself wanting to engage in activities again, which lifted her spirits as well. Agnes continues her work with Tandem Strength & Balance®, and is able to claim a walking distance of 300 feet with her walker. Her son has said of his mother’s progress, “Mother likes walking. She feeds herself, writes, and has good use of her hands. Her strength, both physical and mental, continues to grow.” And that is a successful account of recovery from stroke Tandem Strength & Balance® style!

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