Music in Her Heart

Gwen had shingles and had been diagnosed with Parkinson's at 89 when she began working with Tandem Strength & Balance. Struggling through their thought processes, half of the family were...

October 30, 2018
Fall Prevention
Vision and Balance

While feeding himself one day, a client needed assistance with getting the food off his plate. I started to help him and I saw that his glasses needed cleaning. As...

October 23, 2018
Senior Service
Choosing the Correct Home Care Company for You!

Choosing a home care provider can be very stressful; especially for people who are not in or familiar with the medical field. It is very important to find the correct...

October 15, 2018
Equipment tips & facts
One Size Does(Not) Fit All!

One of the first things therapists are taught in physical therapy school is how to measure a walker. I often find that when meeting a new client, adjustments need to...

September 28, 2018
Living with Parkinson’s at 90

I met Ervin at age 85; he was living with his wife and dog. Ervin had Parkinson's along with severe arthritis. We were recommended by his home care company because...

September 24, 2018
“Exercise/Therapy Hasn’t Helped Me in the Past”

This is a common response when a daughter brings me to meet their parent at the initial consultation. My TandemSB evaluations are really a head-to-toe investigation. Not only do I...

September 6, 2018
Senior Service
Tandem Strength & Balance As seen through the eyes of Nicole’s executive assistant, Janmarie

I started working at Tandem Strength & Balance nearly 4 years ago. First let me say, I'm not a physical therapist and neither had I received treatment from a physical...

July 26, 2018
Equipment tips & facts
Is your chair height working against you?

Correcting the height of a chair is an easy way to improve independence and decrease need for help. A chair that is too low requires more leg strength, which can...

July 8, 2018
Leg Strength
Strength Training for Seniors

Everywhere you go these days you hear or read about the importance of strength training for seniors. But what is it really? I like to always go to science. Strength...

June 27, 2018
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