Equipment tips & facts
Walkers Are Best as a Temporary Device!

When a person breaks their leg, they use crutches until the injury is healed and then they go back to walking without any support. However, when someone is given a...

April 1, 2019
Searching for Solutions!

Sarah, a woman in her mid-sixties, was hospitalized following a wound to her buttock. In less than two (2) months, she lost her ability to walk and was confined to...

March 25, 2019
Unable to Walk to Traveling to Arizona!

Arthur, a 91-year-old man, lived with his wife in an apartment. They were the strength and focal point of the family. They did everything together including shopping, going to restaurants,...

March 19, 2019

Harold has lived with Parkinson’s disease for over seven (7) years. He and his wife reside in an Independent Senior Living Community. He WAS very active around the apartment/community and...

March 13, 2019
senior service
The ABC’s of Tandem Strength & Balance

This is a full list of commonly used phrases, words and mottos that the team at Tandem Strength & Balance uses on a daily basis.

March 7, 2019
General Health
Do you KNOW what your PARENTS’ WISHES are? (POLST)

Many children, no matter the age, do not know what their parents’ wishes are when confronted with “end of life” issues. Tandem Strength & Balance therapists and other colleagues with...

February 20, 2019
senior service
Why Is Tandem Strength & Balance Successful?

Work on entire body Tandem Strength & Balance staff can work on everything/anything that our clients need. There is no limitation to work on just one specific joint - in...

February 12, 2019
senior service
Who Are the Tandem Strength & Balance Clients?

Our clients come from all lifestyles, medical backgrounds and living situations. However, the one thing that they have in common is that someone in the family sees the benefit of...

February 4, 2019
senior service
Engaging in Elderly Strength Training and Shifting Funds Away From Assisted-Living Costs

One Families Story In 2005, it became obvious that my dad required more physical assistance than my mom was able to provide, and our family began having conversations with his...

December 26, 2018
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