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Hope For Those Living With Depression

By Nicole R June 05 January 2nd, 2023 No Comments


One in 10 adults in the United States struggles with depression. Depression is often the cause of appetite changes, reduced energy, disturbed sleep, body aches and increased pain perception, all of which result in an overwhelming feeling of “weakness,” both physically and emotionally.

But what can cause depression? Often, aging can trigger a diagnosis of depression–an aging loved one may be struggling to complete daily projects that use to be so easy, stumbling and/or falling more, the doctor may be recommending the use of a walker and their children may be discussing assisted living to keep them safe. These changes can be overwhelming to an aging senior. A viable cause of depression in aging adults can simply be “physical weakness.” Inadequate leg strength can cause a lack of energy, enthusiasm, social engagement, self-confidence and create fear.

There is hope…regardless of age or the cause of the depression!

Research confirms that strength-resistance training is an effective treatment for managing the common symptoms of depression. Exercise is imperative to all individuals but for those living with depression, the benefits of strength-building exercise can be even more meaningful in terms of managing symptoms, reducing the amount of medications needed, boosting energy to complete daily living activities, improving mood, increasing self-esteem and self-worth.

How does one get started?

Often individuals living with depression don’t have the energy, motivation, support or knowledge needed to start an appropriate exercise program. Our private pay, in-home physical therapists are skilled in customizing strength-training exercises and effectively engaging those living with depression, in the comfort of their own homes. We understand the overwhelming feeling of “weakness,” that surrounds depression. Our exercise programs not only build physical strength but emotional strength. Our clients enjoy greater self-esteem, cognitive function and overall well-being. Life gets much better with strength!

Research supports benefits of strength-training.

There is clinical evidence that aging seniors with mild to moderate depression who perform strength-resistance training two or more days a week experience significant reductions in symptoms, compared to aging seniors who do not.

Seniors who exercise regularly and properly experience a much better quality of life. They have more energy during the day, sleep well at night, stay engaged and feel more comfortable and optimistic about themselves and their surroundings. In summary, strength-resistance exercise improves physical strength and emotional wellbeing. Our in-home, customized exercise training truly makes a positive difference in the lives of individuals with depression.

“Tandem Strength & Balance works on the client’s thinking. Many folks have self-talk that has them doubt their abilities…the therapist guides the client into more honest and realistic self-talk that allows them to accomplish much more than they ever thought they could.” – Shannon W

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