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The short answer is NO! Unfortunately, social norms have led many people to believe this: When young, it’s easy to exercise When middle aged, it’s important to exercise When older,…

July 23, 2019
General Health
What are the Benefits of Cardiovascular Exercise for Older Adults?

Cardiovascular exercise strengthens the heart and lungs through continuous movement. It also increases energy, sharpens the mind, helps manage weight and can reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression. Examples: Biking ...

July 16, 2019
“One Last Adventure” Four Times!

Cathy, a married woman with two young children, suffered an aneurysm in her early 30s. After experiencing about a 75% recovery, she was able to take care of herself, walk...

July 8, 2019
leg strength
What is “Functional Leg Strength”?

“Functional Leg Strength” equates to strengthening specific muscles that will allow older adults to be independent and safe with transfers and walking. The four (4) muscles/exercises are not ones that...

June 17, 2019
General Health
Dehydration in Older Adults: Symptoms, Misconceptions and Consequences

THIRST MEANS YOU’RE DEHYDRATED! The sensation of thirst starts to dull and become less noticeable as we age. Dehydration triggers the body’s thirst response. When you feel thirsty, dehydration is...

June 2, 2019
senior service
What Is the Difference Between Palliative & Hospice Care?

Palliative Hospice Purpose Comfort Care-used at any stage of serious illness and condition does not need to be terminal.NO time restrictions on how long it can be provided.Objective: Control of...

May 1, 2019
Why Won’t My Mom Walk With Me the Way She Does With You?

Client’s carry-over from Tandem Strength & Balance into their daily lives is the most difficult part of our service. Family members observe what our clients are doing during our sessions...

April 25, 2019
leg strength
Most People Do Not Realize the Significance of Leg Strength in Older Adults. Why Is That?

The cause and effect of strong legs delivering safe and independent mobility is not a well-understood phenomenon. The best way to explain why this isn’t common practice thinking is best...

April 15, 2019
What Are the Different Types of Exercise Offered for Older Adults?

Below you will find a chart that explains the differences/benefits of exercises offered in Assisted Living and/or Nursing Homes vs. Tandem Strength & Balance practices. Sitting Class Standing Class TandemSB...

April 10, 2019
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