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Ombudsman Is an Unknown Resource for You and Your Family

By Nicole R September 5, 2019 No Comments

The world of senior services is very confusing and overwhelming especially if you are not in the field. The frustration can be exacerbated if there is a disagreement/confusion regarding family’s wishes and what senior healthcare professionals are telling you is correct/normal. When discussions come to a bypass, I recommend calling the Ombudsman.

Below you will find information directly from the MN Department of Human Services website at

An Ombudsman is an independent consumer advocate who:

  • Investigates complaints about the health, safety, welfare and rights of Minnesotans receiving long-term services and support services.
  • Works to identify problems and resolve individual concerns.
  • Provides information and help with long-term care services, consumer rights and regulations.
  • Resolves disputes between consumers and providers about long-term care services.
  • Works with providers to promote a culture in which people have and can make choices.

What can the ombudsman do?

Ombudsmen work with residents, families and service providers to promote person-centered care and to identify issues in the long-term care system and advocate for change. They also handle complaints and problems from individuals related to:

  • Quality of care and quality of life.
  • The Patient, Resident and Home Care Bill of Rights.
  • Discharge or eviction from nursing homes, board and care homes, veterans’ homes, assisted living and other long-term care or home and community-based service settings.
  • Termination of services, including home care, adult foster care, hospice, Elderly Waiver, Community Access for Disability Inclusion waiver and other long-term care community-based service programs.
  • Public benefit programs, such as Medicare, Medical Assistance, veterans’ services, long-term care insurance and other programs that directly affect an individual’s long-term care needs..

Phone: 800-657-3591 or 651-431-2555

Office of Ombudsman for Long-Term Care

P.O. Box 64971 St. Paul, MN 55164-0971

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