Strength Training Is a Valuable Part of Living a Healthy Lifestyle

Tandem Strength & Balance gives hope to aging loved ones after Medicare Physical Therapy terminates. We face a weakening of our overall strength during the aging process. Fortunately, at Tandem Strength & Balance, our private pay in-home senior strength training programs can help combat weakness in older adults. With a focus on leg strength, our professionals help improve strength and balance, allowing the elderly to remain independent and avoid the high costs of assisted living.

While recovering from injury or illness is challenging no matter what age you are, it is exceptionally hard for older adults. Add in chronic pain and age-related deteriorations in strength and balance, and the ability of your aging loved one to manage daily activities can be adversely affected.

Senior strength training is a valuable part of living a healthy lifestyle, especially for elderly individuals who are suffering from limited mobility. It helps improve the body’s important functions as well as a person’s state of mind. Are you interested in introducing custom in-home program to your aging loved one? Call us at Tandem Strength & Balance. Our goal is not only to return seniors to their previous level of function; we aim to help them outperform their previous level of function.

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In-Home Strength Training Programs for Seniors

Our in-home tailored strength-training exercise programs for seniors can be incredibly beneficial, especially if they are recovering from an accident, surgery or an illness. The primary goal of our service is to enhance leg strength, which helps seniors regain their ability to manage daily tasks, continue to enjoy their privacy and live without around the clock care.

Not only can our service improve one’s physical health; it can enhance an individual’s overall mood and positively impact their state of mind. To learn how our Minnesota strength training programs for seniors can help your aging loved one, do not hesitate to contact us online, by phone or in person. Our dedicated team is looking forward to hearing from you!


Everyone starts to lose strength within 3-5 days after strength training has stopped. So many older adults can not afford to lose any strength because they are just getting by.


As physical therapists, we continue to challenge all of our clients in a way that caregivers and families can’t. We address the root cause of their mobility issues and help older adults build strength so they can enjoy their independence and keep living costs lower.

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