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The ABC’s of Tandem Strength & Balance

By Nicole R March 07 October 29th, 2019 No Comments

  • Ample time with PT Active life style
  • Balance improvements Balanced body
  • Continuously Challenged
    Improved coordination
    Cardiovascular health
  • Disease management
  • Increased energy Endurance improvements
  • Full-body workout
    Decreased fall risk
    Reverse frailty
    Family outings
  • Goal-oriented
  • Provides Hope
    Holiday enjoyment
  • Increased mental focus
    Improved mood
  • Jam-packed sessions
    Joyful attitude
  • Kind-packed-caring staff
  • Long-packed-term solution Longevity
    Learn new exercises
  • Maintain mobility
    Maintain strength
    Improves mobility
    expense reduction
  • Negates walker use
    No limitations
    Not boring!
  • Optimal frequency Optimism
  • Reduces pain
    Protects bone health
    Physical therapists with experience
  • Improves quality of sleep
    Quickens response time
    Quantifiable strength gains
  • Reverse frailty
    Reverse aging factors
    Research based
  • Stay independent Sleep improvements
  • Tandem Strength & Balance works
  • Upright posture
    Unrestricted sessions
    Unique approach
  • Value Vitality
  • Improved well-being
    Walking improvement
    Weekly schedule reminders
  • X-treme X-cellent results
  • Years in operation 20 Youthful energy
  • Zest for life regained

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