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Tandem Strength & Balance As seen through the eyes of Nicole’s executive assistant, Janmarie

By Nicole R July 26 August 2nd, 2019 No Comments

I started working at Tandem Strength & Balance nearly 4 years ago. First let me say, I’m not a physical therapist and neither had I received treatment from a physical therapist, but I did have a basic understanding of what Physical Therapists do when I started working here.

First Impressions

Immediately, I realized the services offered by Tandem Strength & Balance PT are quite different from Medicare PT.

  • Medicare PT is only allowed to work on the injured part of the body, i.e., right shoulder, left hip. etc.

Difference: TSB has no restrictions and can work not only on the injured area but is able to build leg strength to keep clients independent.

  • Medicare PT has time constraints. A patient must get better or if a patient plateaus, the services are cut off.

Difference: As long as a client wants our services, TSB can help the client long term to get strong and balanced.

  • Medicare PT, due to its restrictions, is not able to develop a watchful relationship with their patients.

Difference:TSB works long term with the client’s family and the home care companies that may be serving the client and can offer a second set of “watchful “eyes, relieving some of the pressure from family members.

  • Medicare PT services are engaged for a specific injury.

Difference: TSB is a full-service agency. Nicole goes the extra mile for every client whatever their needs might be. She and her trained staff help her clients to Get Strong. Stay Strong.

What else I’ve learned

I have learned that we lose strength within 3-5 days from when we stop working out and that walkers are best for temporary use. I now know that leg strength has everything to do with staying independent. Just doing 4 simple exercises 2x per week can change how we age and keep us independent and out of the “high rent district”, referring to assisted living facilities. I also know that people can get stronger no matter their age or diagnosis.

As mentioned earlier, TSB has taught me incredible things. I am grateful that I can use this information to keep myself strong and balanced. I am also grateful that I have been able to share this with my 81-year-old mother who does the leg exercises religiously every week and is strong & balanced. A person simply needs to do the correct leg-strengthening exercises consistently and he/she can remain independent.

I encourage everyone to take advantage of the free evaluation from Nicole. You will learn a tremendous amount and if you decide to go with the service of TSB you will not be disappointed. It will be money well spent. Invest in yourself.

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