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How Are Fees Calculated in Assisted Living Facilities?

By Nicole R August 01 October 29th, 2019 No Comments

There are two primary factors that calculate how fees are calculated in assisted living facilities:

Set expenses per month: Room sizes vary from Studio up to Two (2) Bedrooms. Cost ranges from $1000-$4000 per month based on size and location.

Variable and additional fees per month: Fees are added when assistance is needed with bathing, toileting, dressing, laundry, transfers and walking. Fees are calculated in either a package rate ($100-$400 per day) or per call button push (average cost per push is $15). The more help that is required, the more fees escalate.

How can variable fees be reduced? Regaining and maintaining functional leg strength will help curtail additional monthly fees and ensure less needed staff time to help with toileting, walking, getting to and from activities and meals. Strength also improves cognitive abilities; community engagement AND it helps counter depression.

Client Story: A Tandem Strength & Balance client was paying $450 per day in a facility. After eight (8) weeks with TS&B, he was down to $350 per day. Following another 16 weeks of building functional leg-strength, he was down to $275 per day. Improving leg strength was KEY! He was now able to do tasks for himself rather than requiring assistance.

Note: People living with dementia often times can’t reduce their cost of living due to 24-hour care needs. However, their quality of life and dignity is greatly impacted in a positive way.

If your parent is wanting to move to an Assisted Living facility or it simply seems to be the best choice for your loved one, keep in mind that Tandem Strength & Balance is able to come to the facility and work out with them.

Now that you know how fees are calculated in assisted living facilities, contact Tandem Strength & Balance to discuss OPTIONS for managing living costs for your loved one. Maintaining strength when growing older, can make the difference in having an independent lifestyle, safe mobility and managing living costs. If you have questions, contact us at Tandem Strength & Balance. One of the therapists will be happy to provide a FREE in-home consultation to evaluate your loved one’s strength and discuss your family’s options.

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