“Exercise/Therapy Hasn’t Helped Me in the Past”

By Nicole R September 06 September 11th, 2019 No Comments

This is a common response when a daughter brings me to meet their parent at the initial consultation. My TandemSB evaluations are really a head-to-toe investigation. Not only do I complete the typical physical therapy evaluation, but I dig to identify the 3 biggest limiting factors that are stopping this individual from living their life the way they want to. Common factors: poor leg strength, leg length difference, deconditioning, fear, etc.

Part two of the evaluation is my favorite: explanation. It is essential that people understand WHY they can’t do a task. There has to be a reason they can’t do something and “being old” is not a cause. This conversation is one of the main reasons we are successful. We explain what is going on with this person specifically. It gives them a chance to understand why what they have done in the past may not have worked. More importantly, it allows them to understand the steps/process needed to assist them in getting to their goals.

Finally, it is up to them whether they want to do it on their own or hire us to assist them. If someone has the willpower and ability to do it on their own that is great. However, most older adults can’t or don’t challenge themselves enough. That is why we are there. To challenge, support, explain and assist them in living the way they want to.
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