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How My Thinking Has Changed Since Joining Tandem Strength & Balance

By Nicole R August 05 September 5th, 2019 No Comments

Perspective of physical therapist after 4 years working for TSB:

We are brought up with the mindset that as we age, everything starts going downhill: we get weaker, endurance goes down, we can’t do the activities we want to, etc. TRUE OR FALSE? I no longer believe that statement to be true – I now believe we age BECAUSE of that mindset. If we stop doing the activities we love, we stop using those muscles which also affects our mind and then we experience loss in both areas. If we keep our mind and body STRONG, we can continue to live an active, healthy, fun lifestyle.

Exercise doesn’t have to be boring or dreadful. In fact, it is most often fun! When working with our clients, we discover what they love to do and we incorporate those activities into their sessions. It is great to see confidence build when the client experiences success; i.e., a client never thought he would be able to do push-ups again. He now does two (2) sets of 15 regular pushups and two (2) sets of 15 triceps’ pushups. He is thrilled with his newly-developed STRENGTH & CONFIDENCE.

We at TANDEM & STRENGTH BALANCE bring hope to our clients. They have tried so many things yet the doctors have said they will just get worse, etc. But the reality is, that when they start getting stronger with exercise, their whole demeanor changes and they realize there actually is light at the end of the tunnel.

Each person is so unique. Some people enjoy conversations, family stories and simply companionship as much as they do the physical exercise. Sometimes we are the only visitors they have during the week so the bond we form with them through our social interaction, is very important.

We arrive having pre-planned the session but what’s so great about what we do and what we believe is that those plans can change and we do what is best for the client that day! Through our flexibility, understanding, expertise and challenge, we help clients get strong to meet their ever-changing goals. And most often, their goals aren’t the “superman/superwoman” type stuff that we may gauge as important; theirs are far better. Because being able to sit up, to play cards with their family and friends or to climb those steps to have dinner with loved ones are just two of the best things ever.

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