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How is Medicare PT different than Tandem Strength & Balance?

By Nicole R June 04 March 19th, 2020 No Comments

I was a Medicare physical therapist for over 6 years and worked in hospitals, nursing homes and did home care. During that time I felt very restricted on what I could and could not do with my patients. For example, I was instructed as to the number of minutes I could work with a person, the expected exercises I should perform, and the designated time available for the patient to get better and be discharged. It was extremely challenging for the patients as individuals and even more so, for those who had received life-altering diagnoses.

Medicare PT limited my passion and the goals/expectations for my patients. Medicare physical therapy is an invaluable service, but it has limitations. I wanted to achieve a sustainable difference in someone’s life thus Tandem Strength & Balance was created!

Tandem Strength & Balance

Tandem Strength & Balance
Now when I walk into a client’s home, I have the ability to do far more for my client, such as: I have 45 minutes to be creative with my exercises and craft them to the client’s needs, I can work on the entire body, not just on a specific part of the body, and I help my clients build sustainable leg strength, so they can maintain their independence. My clients achieve things they never expected to be able to do because they can exercise long term with me.

Tandem Strength & Balance allows me the opportunity to be the physical therapist I had dreamed of being when I did Medicare. The unexpected reward is that I develop close relationships with clients and their families so not only am I able to help people age gracefully, but I am a part of their lives.

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