There Is a Viable Solution to Reduce or Eliminate Back Pain Regardless of Age or Circumstances!

Chronic back pain might leave your loved one wanting to lie down with a bottle of medication to help reduce the agony. He or she might hesitant to perform strength-building exercises for fear of aggravating their existing back pain, even though guided strength-training is a proven and effective solution for long-term back pain relief.

Older individuals often believe they must “live with it”–that back pain comes with age and can’t be avoided. The unfortunate truth is that if individuals allow back pain to rule their activity levels, it doesn’t get better. It leads to limited mobility, loss of independence and early onset walker and/or wheelchair use.

Another reality for those living with back pain is that they didn’t improve fast enough, their insurance benefits were exhausted and their physical therapy stopped. Not knowing where to turn for follow-up care and once their pain started to increase, many individuals reduced their activity and exercise levels. That decision resulted in even more back pain and aggravated the cycle of inactivity and back pain recurrence.

Tandem Strength & Balance, a team of licensed physical therapists with a proven track record of 20+ years, offers proprietary, strength-resistant exercises that target specific muscles to reduce or eliminate back pain. We help people living with chronic back pain to recognize why they are struggling and what exercises can be safely performed to improve their lives. With our effective exercise solutions, our clients regain their strength and live active and engaged lives.

Private Pay Back Pain Physical Therapy Service

Strength training is an important part of living a healthy lifestyle. This is particularly true for individuals who are experiencing chronic lower and/or upper back pain. It helps improve the body’s essential functions in addition to a person’s emotional state. If you’re interested in a free in-home consultation to identify why you are struggling and what steps can be taken to make life better, contact Tandem Strength & Balance online or by phone. Our objective goes beyond returning individuals to their previous level of function; we help them realize a level of function they didn’t dream possible.


Everyone starts to lose strength within 3-5 days after strength training has stopped. So many older adults can not afford to lose any strength because they are just getting by.


As physical therapists, we continue to challenge all of our clients in a way that caregivers and families can’t. We address the root cause of their mobility issues and help older adults build strength so they can enjoy their independence and keep living costs lower.

Inspiring Seniors to be Stronger...Longer!

We help people to understand why they are struggling
and what steps can be taken to make life better.
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